Guide Windows to Elsewhere (Arhosa, The Four Part Land, Splintered Lands)

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Beth am hyn? Dyma beth a adroddais ar y dydd, gyda llawer o ddarnau ychwanegol. Defnyddiol oedd cael hyd i ffordd o fynegi llais doniol ac ysgafngalon.

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Licwn i sylwi ar arddull y darn, ac yn enwedig ar y sillafu. A hefyd, nid ydw i wedi defnyddio llawer o gollnodau. Well, hello, everyone! What about this? I did lots of work preparing, including writing scripts and learning them off by heart well, something like that at least. And I can say I enjoyed that part of the exam.

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It was useful to find a way of expressing a humorous and light-hearted voice. Henffych well, fy nghymrodyr ar daith ddarganfod bodolaeth! Nawr te, mae dirgelwch da fi hefyd, credwch neu beidio! Now then, I have a mystery too, believe it or not! They spin the tale that old Lleu stayed there, terribly injured in days of yore. At the turn of the century, and turn of the millennium to boot, at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius according to my calculations. No-one could read them. Chep-er, chep-er, chep-er! Always taking intoxicating substances, and driving dangerously, and setting things on fire.

And the bloody beetles everywhere, Lordy, mun! Enough to drive a man mental! They were extra-terrestrial creatures from a totally different planet he said. Ond llanc mor garedig oedd e, sdim dwywaith amdani. Rhyw brosiect rhiniol, meddai fe. Elfan Baldrog Bacster. Rhaid i fi fynd i orffwys mewn stafell dywyll. Wela i chi cyn hir, gobeithio!

And then there was the breaking in everywhere, and the raving in the dead of night dancing and drugs no doubt , and the malicious damage in the Hall of the Images with his friend who draws sci-fi cartoons Steff or something was his name? But he was such a kind lad, no two ways about it. He would always help you without having to ask. Despite the mistreatment he was like some old hippy, still full of peace and love. Ran off for a few days he did, just before the, the fire.

Some mysterious project he said. Got to go to lie down in a dark room. See you before long, I hope! Gall hyn fod yn dda iawn mewn llawer o sefyllfaoedd yn y byd go iawn. Ond mewn cyferbyniad, dychmygwch eich bod newydd dderbyn y newyddion eich bod i farw yn y dyfodol agos. This can be very good in many situations in the real world.

But counter to this, imagine you have just received the news that you are to die in the near future. Doubtless you could find many ways of satisfying every one of your desires before you put off the mortal flesh, and to hell with the rest of the world.

A Tangled Web - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 77

That is, you would tend to take a chance on doing things that are high-risk, but high-loss at the same time. And in general only a little such behaviour causes you to perish even earlier than you should. Thus this Shadow is a two-edged sword. It is good, except when it is bad. A oleua celwyddau wirionedd? A annog ofn ddewrder? Ai digwyddiadau a wna ddynion? Perhaps it is the interaction between absorption and reflection that is the root and essence of everything in the world; every thing that is, which was created through a game of hide-and-seek between opposing forces, the one of which cannot exist without the other.

After all, the existence of shadows presupposes light, in a similar way to how thoughts and ideas not to mention objects here and now suggest that there were other things in different places, a little while ago, and that various things will be coming into being sometime in the future. As well as that, stories call for story-tellers, who relate them whilst changing them, and we have to ask therefore — Do children create their parents? Do lies illuminate truth?

Patrick Jemmer: Hanesion Hynod gan Ffred Phantastig / Tall Tales by Fantastic Fred

Do sacrifices sanctify the impious? Does fear stimulate bravery? Is it events that make men? Thus it may be, to some extent, but perhaps the situation is much more difficult, in reality, where the opposite poles take part in a complex and chaotic process, being transformed, constantly, from one thing to the other, in a way we cannot envisage easily at all without following the path to see where it will lead at last. Mae rhai mathau o anifeiliaid yn dysgu caneuon, tra bydd rhai eraill yn canu ar y pryd, neu newyddu. Weithiau, sylwn ni, bydd giboniaid yn canu mewn grwpiau.

As well as speaking in the ordinary way, it is possible for the voice to produce musical sounds through the process called singing. Some say that human singing is an accident of evolution that happened as a result of the development of language. However, others believe that singing developed first in the ancestors of humanity, preparing their vocal muscles for speaking.

Despite that, it is certain that stories were recited in the form of memorable songs before they were written down. Singing and speaking are different to some extent, but very similar in some other ways. In the brain, there are several regions involved with music and language, the one as well as the other. It appears that singing can help people who have had a stroke to speak, through training different parts of the brain to adopt new functions.

Singing can be done individually or in a group, formally or informally, as part of a ritual or a religious service, for pleasure or reassurance, or as a bobby. It uses particular techniques, including the ability to follow complex rhythms, and to hold extended notes, and in order to sing well there is a need for time, education, commitment, and practice. It is alleged that singing has many health benefits, for example: strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving breath-control and enunciation, and helping with information processing.

With respect to psychological advantages, it appears that singing releases particular neurotransmitters in the brain, and so it helps to get rid of pent-up emotions, improving relaxation and increasing happiness. Many other species sing, including birds and whales. Some types of animals learn songs, whilst others sing extempore, or improvise. Sometimes, we note, gibbons sing in groups. Annwyl gyfeillion y Clinig! Dear Friends of the Clinic!

I would not be exaggerating if I were to say that dealing with shadows is my calling, my profession, and my pleasure. And that is without mentioning the extensive variety of strange voices which sail through my substantial office here in the Hall of the Murals from time to time. And needless to say, this is a very well-appointed place too. Crea ffynonellau llydan o olau gysgodion aneglur; a sawl tarddle gwahanol yn agos at ei gilydd a all greu cysgodion cymhleth ac ynddynt liwiau. Shadows are areas of darkness, created perfectly naturally by lights, the one going hand-in-hand with the other.

This type of phenomenon occurs when light produces by some shining object is blocked by an opaque object.

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The shadow fills the whole volume beyond the second object, and its cross-section is called a silhouette. Wide light-sources create unclear shadows, and several different sources close together can create complex shadows with colours in them. Light and shadow, good and bad, father and son, judgement and salvation, life and death — we, humanity, have invented the words to express all these binary differences. These concepts are excellent tools for theoretical debates, but which ones are fundamental, and authentic, and, one must ask, important, when push comes to shove?

Cododd cred yn y rhithiau hyn, sydd yn debyg i gysgodion bywiog i ryw raddau, o animistiaeth ac addoli hynafiaid mewn diwylliannau cyn-lythrennog. Thre word also refers more generally to any incorporeal entity, good or evil, often with extraordinary abilities, or magical powers, which is not bound by the normal laws of nature. Belief in these spectres, which are similar to animated shadows to some degree, arose from animism and ancestor-worship in pre-literate societies. These days it is people who believe in the supernatural and the paranormal, individuals who use or misuse particular drugs, or those who are exhausted or under intense emotional pressure, who, often enough, come to consider that shadows are living creatures, spirits, or non-human entities.


Even today, there exist various kinds of religious rite, as well as magical ceremonies, which are used to cast out restless and troublesome spirits in the form of shadow. Ond wedi dweud hynny, pa beth arall y medrwch ei wneud pan fyddwch yn hollol ar eich pen eich hun ac unig? Ac eto i gyd, a allwch ymddiried yn lleisiau beirniadol y rhai a ddywed na ddylech droi i mewn na chreu bydoedd hudol llawn ffrindiau dychmygol i gael hyd i ryw gysur ac i osgoi gofalon y byd pob dydd?

But having said that, what else can you do when you are totally alone and lonely? And then again, can you trust in the judgemental voices of those who say that you should not turn inside, nor create magical worlds full of imaginary friends, to find some comfort and avoid the cares of the every-day world? From time to time, furthermore, indulging in fantasy can help to solve perplexing problems and to reveal hidden facts.

As long as the voices within, which tend to resound usually in the deepest recesses of the soul, do not mislead you, nor tempt you to do evil, can we not agree that they are harmless at least, and exceptionally useful at the best?